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Madison Wren-Campbell – Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance ~ Part 1

Baby Beauty Queens star Madison and her family get a visit from the Supernanny in Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance.

Originally aired on Tuesday, 16 February, 2010

© Channel 4

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Duration : 0:9:55

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  1. TheatreFanatic4eva Said,

    omg anything …
    omg anything designer I have is from TJ Maxx and only if it was on clearence!

  2. lamagamorgana Said,

    @persephone750 but …
    @persephone750 but that doesn’t make a difference ’cause i wasn’t talking about money.. whethere the changes are by herself or by someone else, she’s way too interested in altering her looks all the time…

  3. persephone750 Said,

    @MondoBeno …They …
    @MondoBeno …They don’t have that kind of money. They’re in major debt.

  4. persephone750 Said,

    @lamagamorgana …
    @lamagamorgana Actually, the mother is a beautician, so she probably did a lot of that by herself.

  5. MondoBeno Said,

    Let me make sure …
    Let me make sure I’m understanding this:

    They’re in Glasgow, and they can afford to spend 9000 UK Pounds on her clothes?

    Does the father deal drugs or something?

    Since when did anybody in Glasgow have that kind of money?

  6. missAlessa2009 Said,

    @thegirl44 If you …
    @thegirl44 If you notice, at the end, it actually helps Madison become better behaved. So maybe it is for the exposure, but it works in the end.
    I’m not entirely jealous of Madison. I’d just like a christian dior dress. As would every other girl on the planet.
    Actually, my name is Alexa. Alessa is my favorite character from a movie.
    My priorities would be School, Gymnastics, Choir, Pageants, and Cheer. And during Baseball season, baseball.

  7. thegirl44 Said,

    “You put a price on …
    “You put a price on your love…”
    My mum used to keep a list to ensure that the same amount of money was spent on my 3 brothers and I for Christmas, B-days etc. This in and of itself is fine, but it wasn’t okay that she would always be sure to leave the list out somewhere that we could see it.
    She still sends me a cheque occasionally to compensate, if you will, for the money that she spends on my siblings, who live closer to her, for dinners and such. Have you ever heard of anything so silly?

  8. thegirl44 Said,


    Her mum is exploiting her on a television show about children with behavioral problems, just for the exposure that it will afford, and you’re jealous of her because she has a designer dress?
    I’m sure that you’re a lovely girl, Alessa, but I wonder about your priorities and perception of the world.

  9. thegirl44 Said,

    Poor wee Maddy. …
    Poor wee Maddy. Her mum so desperately wants to live vicariously through her daughter’s fame that she doesn’t care how her child is presented or perceived, as long as it makes it on telly. If I met them I would give Moya a slapping and Maddy the hugs and kisses that she desperately needs.
    There’s no worse feeling in the world than feeling not good enough in your parent’s eyes.

  10. lamagamorgana Said,

    3 minutes into the …
    3 minutes into the video, the mum has shown 3 diff hairstyles. mmmh I wonder who Madison got the superficial fixations from. duh.

  11. iraqidolphin Said,

    Ha. Supernanny gets …
    Ha. Supernanny gets Down to the mom’s level.

  12. Zezzimo Said,

    She has a make up …
    She has a make up of a whore O.O. And i think she needs few slaps and then shell be a perfect kid!

  13. behlipopable Said,

    i felt like …
    i felt like slapping her when she did the whole head shaking thing.

  14. missAlessa2009 Said,

    Madison looks great …
    Madison looks great in blue… random comment. She’s very pretty, but looks mean nothing with that behavior.

  15. missAlessa2009 Said,

    I wish they’d …
    I wish they’d televise Madison at an American Pageant. That would be interesting :D

  16. avrilwheely Said,


  17. missAlessa2009 Said,

    @rickyscot I am …
    @rickyscot I am listening and grasping, I just choose not to comment on it.

  18. rickyscot Said,

    are you not …
    are you not listening or grasping what is going on here?

  19. fan1012 Said,

    I did not know …
    I did not know Madison but I understand now why she is a star!

  20. aerostockians Said,

    I think the mother …
    I think the mother would have doubled or tripled her gain – if she would have told the Madison to sit upright at 8.00 minutes – good post*****

  21. missAlessa2009 Said,

    OMG this is …
    OMG this is hilarious :P
    I’m jealous of her; she has a christian dior dress :(
    She’s gotten better at pageants though, since Baby Beauty Queens. The makeup is better too. Love the hairstyle in the first bit.

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